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Team Mack includes various experts. .

We are equipped with far thinking, innovative, creative teamplayers with know how and the network to make the impossible become reality.

Our Economists and Artists work hand in hand. Therefore no idea is “lost”.

Mack Team Leaders

Every section of the company is lead by experts which work together closely day by day, worldwide.

To keep a long story short here some keywords describing us and our work :

  • M astering
  • A bsolute advantage
  • C atch-up effect
  • K nowhow

  • T echnic
  • E volutionary economics
  • A id
  • M anagement

  • L ong-run
  • E fficiency
  • A dvertising
  • D istribution
  • E nterprise
  • R eferences
  • S trategizing

This list is representative and not exhaustive.

Instead of convincing with words, we like to do it with deeds

Mack Music Publishing

Mack Universe for Mother Earth

 Headquarted in Berlin, the capital of Germany, centre of Europe when it comes to limiteless growth, creative power and the latest trends.
 We are serving worldwide.

Mack connect

Mack Buisness Network

Co-Publishers, subpublishers, film movie directors, Producers, Agencies of all kinds, Video game makers, professional dancers, actors, models, other artist of all kinds including componists, singers, songwriters, book authors and co…

The list of our accessible partners is long including the most exotic contacts into industries far from the entertainment sector. Therefore we are happy to always discover new buisness worlds and opportunities but more importantly create someting never seen before.

We appreciate every additions to our amazing supportive network

If everyone contributes their know-how, the collaboration can be limitless.

Mack Music Publishing
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