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As your publisher

As a publisher, Mack Musik publishing represents the economic interests of the author, i.e. the composer and lyricist.

In addition to marketing and management tasks such as conveying the song repertoire to performers or customers of the advertising- / fim-/ production industry, we legally protect our artist’s works from unpaid exploitation, pirated copies and illegal processing of their work (s), as well as against illegal use.

We license the performance rights (e.g. for concerts, radio, cinemas, discotheques, television, etc.), the author and publishing rights (e.g. download and streaming), the mechanical rights (reproduction through sound carriers), the graphic rights (e.g. printing of the lyrics) and the synchronization rights (e.g. cinema film, TV advertising).

Furthermore, we work with our artists on optimizing their work. In addition, we enable him to use recording studios, green screens, our sound technicians and hook them up with other artists /musicians, actors, dancers, graphic designers, video game developers and many more.

We are always at the side of our artists. Help solving every question and support him / her to realize all ideas, fantasies and plans in a timely manner.